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Islamic Online School

Study with us is that the easiest method for everybody who desires to require opening move in Quran Study as well as youngsters, adults male or females, as from our programs many Muslims and new Muslims are benefiting.

We are a reason for hope for people that would like to get knowkedge to stay their families nearer to the Islamic method of life. From any country and having any age you'll be able to be a part of for obtaining education.

At your most convenient time it is a nice chance for you of Quran study. Simply sitting before of PC while not going your home get this facility of on-line learning. We offer one among the most effective quality education at your home through latest technology.

Quran Study

Our basic course is for those people who need to be Quraan Studies and might get blessings of God Almighty. Children like over of ancient method of teaching this program of on-line categories. Once the kids will learn before of their folks then there's no want for causing them outside.

What makes us completely different from the remainder of the net institutes ?

● Some institutions offer one or two online programs and other are more traditional and
they offer full time programs on physical campuses.

● We simply providing straightforward courses, however this institute have rather been
giving on-line education and Coran categories to its students.

● Quality standards and extremely competitive Lecturers and Qaris operating here to
supply quality Islamic education and information of Quran recitation.

● We offer education online and courses which are based on the Koran, Sunnah and Hadith through which you can study Islam.

● We teach the Holy Qoran seen.

● And teach tajweed-e-Quraan (recitation with excellent articulation).

● Furthermore as committal to memory of the Holy Koran.

● We tend to teach translation and interpretation of Holy Coran.

● Study books of Ahadith and it's interpretation.

● It offers an entire course of Islamic jurisprudence.

● We facilitate to people who have an interest in Arabic oral communication.

● We've plenty variety of glad students everywhere the globe with monumental expertise
of teaching.

How to perform Wuzu or ablution ?
The act of Wuzu is a cleansing that's must to perform before Prayer. Directions are given in this video of Wuzu.

Learn to offer Salah
Performing Prayer is Farz (obligatory) for Muslims, as its one among the 5 Pillars of Islam and a distinction between a believer and a non-believer.

Read Islamic Books
You can read Islamic Books and download freely according to your need as all books are collected at one place that are related to our Islamic courses.

Read - Listen Quraan
The Quraan literally means 'the recitation', that is revelation from Allaah. Its a worship of Allaah Almight to learn and listen Holy Book.

Listen Names of Allaah
Here is a recitation of the Asma-ul-Husna 99 beautiful names of Allaah that you can listen. Draw yourself closer to Allah and benefit from invoking His names.

Learn Names of Allaah
The word Allah is supreme, unique, distinctive and that is the correct noun for the Creator and Sustainer. Let's learn the attractive 99 names of Allaah.

Quran Study
Quran Learning
Quran School