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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is there any price of Trial sessions ?
No, our Trial classes are Free.

Do you need my Card informations for Trial or regular class ?
No, you're not required to provide credit card informations for trial or regular classes.

Do you have any additional charges after I pay the fee ?
No, there are not any hidden or additional charges. You'll be charged fixed fee and any types of process fee isn't charged.

Will you charge my Card monthly ?
No, you'll make your payments on-line by yourself.

How do I pay ?
You can pay the fee with your Credit card or PayPal account.

Do you offer any offline payment method ?
Yes, you can deposit your Fees in our Bank account, or make payment with WesternUnion or MoneyGram.

Do you accept PayPal ?
Yes, you'll make the payment with your PayPal account.

Who are you ?
We are an Islamic Online School and an educational organization. We welcome all the students interested in learning Koran and Arabic language.

How Iím able to register ?
Please fill Register Yourself Form and click on on Submit button. You may also contact us on our given phone numbers.

Who are the Lecturers ?
Excellent, Innovative, extremely qualified, practised and competent in English similarly as in Islamic Studies. Our male and female teachers are delivering Koran lessons and Spoken Arabic lessons to the male, females and youngsters.

How it works ?
You must have a computer or a laptop.
An internet connection.
Headphone with microphone to speak with lecturers.
Install free software Skype and add Skype ID: hafiz0011 in your contacts, thus we are able to communicate via Skype.
Now, begin your free trial classes.

Do you have any policy concerning missed classes ?
We provide makeup classes if there miss any class, from your teacher if absent or we face any technical problem, and you'll get credits in fee if we unable to provide you any makeup, however if the class miss from your side, then your teacher isn't guaranteed to offer extra session, nor fee concession is rewarded.

Do you have any refund policy ?
No, we dont offer Fee refund. We are fully responsible to provide you services against paid amount of Fees.

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