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Quran Memorization

Those students who need to memorize the Holy Qur'an, they're provided the new ways of memorizing al-Qur'an to complete it in a very short time period with our experienced method.

Basic Steps:

● Select a specific Quran to learn lesson.
● They'll be tutored techniques of memorizing the lesson.
● Special attention of the lecturers, arrangement of extra classes and time freely.
● Choose the correct time and place to memorize.
● Before memorization obtain Allah's refuge from Shaitan.
● Its recommended to read with a moderate voice, not with much low volume, as a result of reading aloud will increase the strength of your memorization.
● You must memorize the Holy Qur'an following the principles of Tajweed.
● After memorization of a new chapter (surah) or section, don't pass on to the next till its absolutely memorized.

It is very simple to Learn and memorization al-Qur'an on-line for kids and elders. Our extremely qualified, and educated Qur'an lecturers teach you by one to one speech communication. You'll get pleasure from Learning al-Qur'an on-line, with our male and female al-Qur'an lecturers its easy to use these programs and get started with online Quran Memorization.

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