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Quran Reading

Quraan recitation is must for each Muslim, to stay the fath alive. We offer on-line Koran reading as hundreds are ready to recite the Holy Quraan with the assistance of our qualified tutors on daily basis. Learning Arabic Alphabets is that the opening move to the Holy Qoran, thus we will teach Nooranic booklet and Yassarn-al-Quraan first to find out the principles and laws of Koran reading in Arabic.

The way to begin Koran reading ?

First of all, you've to perform Ablution (wuzu) and be neat and clean before touching the Holy Quraan. Of course, a Muslim ought to learn correct Ablution as practiced by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

What we provide ?

Students will also be provided lessons of Islamic guidelines with Koran Reading, as this course is divided on two levels:

Level 1

In this level we put our efforts on those students who are unable to properly pronounce the stressed and light Arabic Alphabets. During this level we begin teaching our students with Nooranic Book in order that students will pronounce Arabic Alphabets with their correct places of articulations.

The main points of this level are as follows:

● Learn Nooranic Booklet.
● Study Yassarn-al-Quraan.
● Quraan reading (Selected Qur'anic script).
● 50 Questions & Answers on Islamic Monotheism.
● Learn more than 1000 Sunnah (Sayings and Acts of Prophet s.a.w.).
● Memorization of last 10 short chapters (surah) of Koran.
● Memorization of six Arabic phrases (6 kalimah) with meanings.
● Memorization of daily supplications (Duaa) with meanings.
● Method of Ablution (wuzu) and of Prayer (Salah), with its recitation.
● Memorization of 99 names of Allaah Almighty with meanings.

Level 2

This level is for people who have completed recitation of the Quraan once or twice, because revision of Qoran is the most important. Lessons of these students started with the start of the Holy Koran, they will learn to pronounce alphabets properly with their correct place of articulation.

The main points of this level are as follows:

● Quraan reading (Recitation from all famous Qur'anic scripts).
● Daily supplications (Duaa) with meanings.
● Memorization of 99 names of Allaah Almighty with meanings.
● Basic rules of Tajweed with recitation of Quran.
● Method of Ablution (wuzu) and of Prayer, its recitation with translation.
● Memorization of last 20 short chapters (surah) of Koran with translation.

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