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Learn Tajweed and Qir’at

Tajweed literally means to make well, and beauty in recitation.
Tajweed defined as to pronounce each letter with all its participative qualities like the proper prolongation, merging, conversion, distinctness, and pauses.

Tajweed is the knowledge that teaches how to recite the Holy Qur’an with correct pronunciation. This knowledge is semi-obligatory. At least a group of the Muslims or one person from a family should learn it to teach the others. Learning Tajveed is obligatory to those Muslims who have learnt by heart a part of the holy Qur’an or whole of it. The Holy Quraan is in Arabic language and it is very delicate. In Arabic certain symbols can change it’s meaning. Same is the case with the pronunciation and the accent of the reciting the Holy Koran. Reciting the Quranic words with different accent can change it’s meaning. However, due to lack of knowledge, it is no harm, otherwise it will be sin other than being a reward. Many Muslin recite the Holy Curan a lot but make mistake for having no training regarding Tajweed.

Learning the Tajveed is strongly needed. If the Muslims can’t learn the comprehensive knowledge of Salah, Hajj, Saum or Zakat, at least they should learn the basic knowledge of Islamic tidings. Learning the knowledge of Tajweed they can easily avoid mistake while the Holy Qura’n reading.

Now, in the age of information technology, you can avail a large number of facilities for learning Tajveed. Ye can get guidance from Islamic Online schools. Our website can help you. So, you would not delay in this regard, lest it is too late.

In this course you study regular tajweed lessons together with its principles and practices. With the completion of this course students will be ready to recognize the principles of Tajweed.

There are 3 methods to recite the Holy Quran:

1. Tarteel

2. Tadweer

3. Hadar

Students are given practice in these 3 ways. They're place into numerous exercises, the way to articulate the sounds.

This programe is benefited by many muslims, it is an excellent approach for learning Tajweed and Qirat online.

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